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2024/2025 Fall Class Schedule

60-minute classes 

Regular Price - $83/month

Auto-Debit Price - $78/month


90-minute classes 

Regular Price - $93/month

Auto-Debit Price - $88/month

Two-hour classes 

Regular Price - $103/month

Auto-Debit Price - $98/month

Please note:

  • 2nd classes per week are discounted at a 30% rate

  • 3rd classes are discounted at a 50% rate

Parents may enroll their children at any time when the studio is open. Just complete the PDF form (linked below) and bring it in with your registration fee.  (Please call the studio for hours of operation: 479-636-6678) 

Alternatively, you may register online by completing the form below. After you submit the form, you must then pay the registration fee by selecting the appropriate PayPal link below.  Registrations will not be considered complete until the fee is received.

Printable PDF

Click the link below to the Enrollment Form in printable PDF format to complete by hand. Enrollment will be complete when you drop the form by the studio with your fee payment.


If you have not already pre-enrolled, select your class(es) above and follow this 3-step process to enrollment:

  1. complete the enrollment form

  2. open, print and sign the Policies/Liability form (then bring it on the first day of class)

  3. and finally, submit your enrollment fee payment via the PayPal link  


Enrollment fees are $25 per single student or $45 per family. Monthly class tuition also applies.

REMINDER: You are not officially enrolled until your enrollment fee has been made!

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Open, Read and Sign the Linked Policies/Liability Form

Please read the linked information carefully. Then print and sign that you understand it and agree to meet all the policies.  BRING IT TO YOUR FIRST CLASS so we can update your file.  

Just one more step and you are done!  

Thank you!  

Complete Enrollment By Paying with PayPal!

To complete on-line enrollment for fall classes, you must submit the form to the right  that selects each session for which you are enrolling your student.  One form per student.  To finalize your registraion online you must pay the class enrollment fees using the appropriate PayPal link below. 

Enrollment - Single Child

Use this option for enrolling a single child.


Enrollment - Family

Use this link to pay for family enrollment.


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